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What Clients Say

“I highly recommend Iva Ravindran as not just a skilled attorney but as an empathetic professional. I engaged Iva to help me settle an unpleasant employment-related situation in 2020 and although we were delayed due to the pandemic, Iva never lost touch nor sight of my case and when we decided for mediation, she was appropriately tough as a negotiator. Anyone in need of superior legal representation should talk to Iva!”

– Melinda

"I tried to find a lawyer to help me. After being passed to at least three attorneys I was fortunate to get Iva. She worked diligently to get my case solved on my behalf. I cannot recommend her more highly as an excellent attorney and a caring person."

– Donna

“Thank you, Ms. Ravindran, for helping me through this difficult time and for fighting for me to a satisfactory resolution. Your competence, professionalism, and knowledge are outstanding!”

– Dolores P.

"I was blessed to be represented by Iva. I had no bond and had to await trial in jail. Every time my family or I reached out to her, she was available, made sure someone spoke to me, or would contact us back as soon as she could. Even though in jail, I never worried. Even though at the time she was a public defender. I didn't have doubt because she worked the case like a private attorney. I'm glad to say I was awarded a not guilty verdict." 


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